Travel Inn Glasgow

travel inn glasgow
Considering this is a rushed decision to live here, all in all a good choice. 

Most of the staff are friendly and helpful, but one or two do not even bother to look for from their computer while talking to us! The room was fairly clean, although the bathroom needed a little work. 

We neglected household towels close to the rail and turn them anyway - do not bother us too much but not great when they say they want less laundry to do and want to be environmentally friendly! On the second night,

 after a stressful day hosital visit, we is not to have a meal at the restaurant so we asked to have food in our room. 

They were not too pleased but asked us to come and collect when it is ready. Our phone did not work in our room that did not help, because we have to guess when the food will be ready. This was reported to reception who said it would appear the next day which is not the case. 

We eat our dishes are still dirty from sitting in the room and no one cares to take it.Little niggles, but over all it was good. We got our food in the restaurant is very good I must say. really enjoyed it and the prices are reasonable too! Good for a few nights stay!

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